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RACEEZ.COM - The comprehensive sports and wellness ecosystem will help to push your sales up and encourage your customer community to live healthier every day.


Techhaus Vietnam consults, deploys and provides technical support for information technology services and provides new-tech solutions as well as other utilities to promote the digital transformation of your businesses.


Optimize your business brand with our marketing campaigns such as Outdoor Advertising, Press Media and Creative Design along with a network of professional and experienced advertising partners.


RACEEZ - Open up a new sports world with modern technology

With the goal of bringing a healthy lifestyle, Raceez creates an ecosystem that helps users form sports habits and take care of themselves. In addition, we create a comprehensive solution to apply technology to serve sports event organizers and sellers to increase sales and increase management capacity during operation.


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    User-friendly interface, modern and convenient for users

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    Ecosystem of thousands of users, will help drive your business growth

Physical movement app and sports solutions

LIMO APP - Free online running and cycling platform

Limo App - For an active life is an online fitness measurement platform with a community of sports enthusiasts, especially runners and cyclists. Users can easily practice, share their achievements and redeem attractive gifts from Limo Rewards with the points obtained after completing a challenge.



Providing website building services, sales and mobile applications on your demand. We want to help businesses save costs but bring prestige, competitiveness in the market and increase interaction with customers.

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